Benefit From Automation

The Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform has been optimized for enterprise applications running on the cloud using DevOps design principles and software automation routines. VCAMP benefits your auto-provisioning, rapid deployments and configuration management for enterprise applications and private data centers in AWS.

Simplify, Optimize, Interact

VCAMP is ideal for enterprises migrating their enterprise applications to the cloud or that have ancillary applications at other locations. It delivers a unified management console to simplify, optimize and interact with the enterprise application.

VCAMP is Built to Handle Complex Applications and Leverage AWS

  • Multi-cloud management platform that allows customers to self-provision and manage applications and infrastructure consistently across multiple clouds
  • Leverages best practices of managing traditional enterprise applications in the cloud
  • Simplified user-friendly platform to handle enterprise applications management and cloud operations activities
  • Seamless migration of enterprise applications from on-premises to AWS infrastructure
  • Automated subscription to public cloud's continuous innovation releases
  • Visibility and control through the Velocity Zoom intelligent analytics dashboard
  • TCO Advantage of 50% or more 
  • Migration of enterprise applications to the cloud with reduced cost and risk, while offering deep insight and monitoring of applications, systems, and workforce


Accelerate Your Enterprise Journey to the Cloud

Velocity Technology Solutions enables your cloud journey by changing these aspects of your enterprise environment:

  • Migration: Our VCAMP automation means we can transition your existing enterprise applications to the cloud in weeks, saving you money and delivering a more flexible operating environment for your business.
  • Transformation with the cloud: Our enterprise-ready reference architectures are on the public cloud, providing you with immediate access to configuration-ready applications to start your enterprise application initiative.
  • Optimization: VCAMP automation delivers optimization solutions for your enterprise environment, so you can focus on your core business.

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Make your cloud-based applications more efficient with greater flexibility and control, all with VCAMP, exclusively offered by Velocity. We are a cloud application management company with the tools and experience you need to optimize your cloud experience and grow your business.

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