Our solutions are compliant with industry-specific regulations and are designed for optimizing your applications and business processes.

Aerospace and Defense

Cloud solutions that comply with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and other exacting aerospace and defense requirements.

Velocity Technology Solutions has developed solutions specifically to address complex industry and security requirements for aerospace and defense companies to help streamline processes, eliminate redundancies, simplify back-office functions and gain access to real-time business operations intelligence.

We offer fully-integrated, secure cloud migration and hosting solutions that increase the flexibility of operations and reduce costs. We also provide industry-leading ERP, managed application services, managed disaster recovery services and business process services for solutions from SAP, Oracle and Infor.


Cloud and managed application services specifically designed to support agribusiness operations, such as supply chain and financial and human resources.

In the effort to track large amounts of data and manage overall agribusiness productivity, it can be easy to spend more time supporting technology than running a business. 

Velocity Technology Solutions can help make the most of your technology investments – cloud migration, hosting, and optimizing functionality on an ongoing basis.

We can help you simplify the technologies you use and make your business more agile, scalable, flexible and productive in the process. Our cloud solutions manage your business through high-performance, reliable access to your applications 24/7, and integrate operations by hosting and managing interfaces that connect your complete portfolio of software solutions.

Free up your team’s time to focus on leveraging all the benefits of the cloud, and improve your bottom line.

Business Services and Consulting

Full spectrum of cloud and technology management solutions, allowing you to take your organization to the next level.

Velocity Technology Solutions provides innovative solutions for business services companies, enabling organizations to deliver exceptional customer service while reducing operational costs.

Our full cloud services and management solutions help you manage your portfolio of enterprise applications in a way that is simpler and more streamlined, enabling you to leverage the power of the cloud and vastly improve business results.

Velocity Technology Solutions can help you grow your existing business while developing new markets and services, streamline operations and reduce costs, and better meet customer demands.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Comprehensive private and public cloud solutions to provide CPG companies with new capabilities, increase business agility and decrease IT costs.

Velocity Technology Solutions private and public cloud services gives enterprises access to new levels of innovation, including cloud-native systems and digital technologies beyond what are available in data centers, including all the advantages of modern applications designed explicitly for cloud environments.

In addition to cloud services, we support the business-critical CRM, SCM and ERP applications used by top CPG and food and beverage companies, including Oracle, SAP and Infor.

Importantly, we understand the industry challenges and needs, including the highly competitive nature of the industry, increasing consumer demands for more low cost items and constantly changing regulations.


High-performing, flexible cloud solutions and managed services for energy producers and distributors across the globe.

Velocity Technology Solutions provides cloud solutions to support the unique needs of the energy industry and help transform the way you operate your business by reducing operating costs, improving customer responsiveness and more.

We can help you leverage the cloud to increase business intelligence of your operations, connect your complete portfolio of technology solutions to enhance issue resolution, and streamline operations to optimize execution.

Our industry expertise, combined with technology solutions that address your unique needs and strengths, leads to a more agile, scalable, flexible energy business—and ultimately drives a better customer experience and growth for your business.

Engineering and Construction

Cloud solutions and services to help engineering and construction companies drive better business outcomes.

Velocity Technology Solutions offers innovative cloud solutions based on our expertise supporting the unique application needs of the engineering and construction industries.

For major home builders, construction companies and real estate firms, we provide cloud solutions, business process services for HR, payroll, EPM and ERP solutions, coupled with the industry knowledge to help you achieve the full potential of your business priorities.

Accelerate your strategic initiatives with rapid deployment and ongoing services that help you reduce costs, leverage real-time information and ensure your business operates uninterrupted.

Financial Services

Cloud services that provide a highly-reliable, secure and disciplined technology environment, along with turn-key financial services cloud solutions.

From regulatory pressures and administrative functions to achieving customer service goals and launching new products, financial services companies must be able to quickly and efficiently respond to opportunities. The financial services industry operates with a highly disciplined approach - your cloud technology partner should as well.

Our solutions allow you to grow your service business by quickly acting on new opportunities, and leveraging big data an analytics to deliver personalized offerings that encourage customer loyalty. Work with us to improve asset management and performance reporting by providing integrated hosting solutions for your complete application portfolio.


SOC 1 and SOC 2-compliant cloud solutions and managed services that follow HIPAA standards for clinical and administrative systems.

Velocity Technology Solutions knows how to meet the specific demands of the healthcare and life sciences industries. Our expertise comes from more than a decade of managing cloud services and administrative and clinical applications for providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies. We also provide complete turnkey healthcare BPO services for HR, payroll and financial reporting.

We offer a full range of services, including cloud migration, public, private, multi and hybrid cloud services, managed disaster recovery, Desktop as a Service (DTaaS), data visualization and analytics, and Helpdesk as a Service (HDaaS).

Our application experience includes Lawson, Epic, SAP, Kronos, Oracle, Acuo Technologies, Allscripts, ANSOS OneStaff, athenahealth, Care Everywhere, Cerner, Cloverleaf, GE Centricity, Omnicell, Pyxis, SoftLab, 3M and many more.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Fully-integrated manufacturing cloud services and managed services that increase operations flexibility and reduce costs.

Velocity Technology Solutions has deep manufacturing experience, and have the technology solutions that specifically address complex industry requirements driven by globalization, standardization, regulatory compliance, and distributed supply chains. 

Our cloud solutions can help your manufacturing business run faster, more efficiently, and scale globally to respond quickly to market demand.

We also have extensive expertise in ERP solutions from SAP, Oracle and Infor, with managed and business process service offerings to help you streamline processes, eliminate redundancies, and gain access to real-time business intelligence.

Public Sector

From education to public safety and health, our experts have helped public sector and government organizations move to the cloud quickly and affordably.

Velocity Technology Solutions understands the challenges government and public sector organizations face around limited budgets, shared services models, and intra-organizational process integration.

Our cloud solutions and managed services allow you to modernize your applications to better deliver services to stakeholders while controlling costs.  We have experience across the education, economic development, health, public safety, social services, transportation and utilities sectors to help you optimize your business processes.


Cloud services and technology management solutions for retail organizations that optimize performance throughout the entire customer experience.

Velocity Technology Solutions delivers innovative retail cloud solutions to boost efficiency and simplify data sharing, allowing organizations to create positive brand experiences and generate consumer loyalty.

Our retail cloud solutions and managed services help increase sales and improve margins, while streamlining complex supply chain and logistics networks. Gain improved visibility and control for better decision making. Velocity Technology Solutions can help you maximize the unique strengths of your business.