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Integrate processes throughout your organization to improve transparency, collaboration, and reporting for data-driven decision making

As an enterprise, the benefits of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system are undeniable. Integrating processes throughout the company helps to break down departmental silos and move toward a transparent, data-driven organization. However, successful ERP implementation, and ongoing management, can be a resource-consuming prospect – channeling technical skills and knowledge away from higher-level, strategic objectives.

Enlisting a third-party partner for ERP managed services can help with the implementation of an ERP system, ERP cloud migrations and upgrades, as well as ongoing ERP systems management. This allows a company to focus on core competencies while still gaining all the benefits of a fully-integrated ERP solution.

An ERP managed services provider can improve business outcomes, including:

  • Cost Savings

  • Performance Improvement

  • Innovation

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Manage resources effectively with a third-party partner to maximize savings and decrease the time-to-value cycle.

With an ERP system, processes are integrated throughout the organization, providing the opportunity to streamline, standardize, and share information. This improves transparency and allows the organization to identify areas to save resources, or maximize efficiency.

Velocity can apply its expertise and knowledge of ERP systems management to help identify areas for savings and growth, while optimizing ERP usage and efficiencies throughout the organization.Total Cost Savings Velocity


Improve business performance with an ERP system aligned to strategic objectives.

An ERP system can benefit business outcomes in a number of ways: by centralizing and standardizing information, it contributes to more accurate, data-driven forecasting and planning. Standardized data also improves reporting, compliance and auditing. Processes are streamlined for improved employee productivity, and resources can be optimized for savings from supply chain, to warehousing and logistics.

Velocity helps organizations maximize ERP-based performance improvements, by ensuring the system is optimized, updated, secure and functional.Strategic Vs Support


Siloed information, inefficient processes, and resource-intensive legacy applications management are roadblocks to innovation. However, an ERP system can overcome these challenges and become more flexible, agile and innovative by automating repetitive tasks, streamlining processes and promoting data visibility.Insight and Analysis
Partnering with an ERP managed services provider like Velocity can accelerate innovation at your business even more, by relieving your organization of the administrative and technical burden of ERP systems implementation and management. Those resources can then be channeled toward higher-level objectives, including innovation.

Are you considering enlisting a partner for ERP solutions? Simplify the process and improve outcomes with a trusted partner like Velocity to guide you through the process.


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