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Reduce the burden on internal resources with IT services for enterprises

Getting started can be overwhelming, but to remain competitive, businesses need to manage applications in the cloud sooner rather than later. Where do you start? What’s the best
process to use? And how can you accelerate the project so it’s finished on time and quickly results in measurable business benefits?

Outsourcing enterprise IT services provides enterprises with an experienced partner to answer all the above questions and help manage and monitor applications in the cloud.Velocity AMS

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Application migration and management strategies are high-profile projects because they impact the entire organization. They also come with significant challenges that can quickly eat up staff time and business resources, including budget. One of those challenges is the lack of internal skills or experience necessary to properly manage applications in the cloud. In fact, 50% of organizations cite this as the top challenge for adopting cloud-native infrastructure1

A third-party partner can provide the experience and expertise often lacking in enterprise IT departments. By working with a partner, you can minimize risks and leverage a proven, prescriptive approach to manage applications in the cloud.



For most IT employees, a large-scale migration project is a once-in-a-career event, while cloud

technology, infrastructure, and architecture are constantly evolving. After migrating to the cloud, applications need to be monitored and optimized to adapt to the business’s changing needs. More often than not, enterprises are unprepared and understaffed for post-migration responsibilities.

Overcoming this challenge without a long-term investment in additional, experienced staff or time-consuming training programs often involves working with a consultant or third-party partner that specializes in application management and monitoring. 

Are you considering a solution for enterprise IT services? Benefit from the cloud and free up your team to focus on high-level business objectives by partnering with a trusted company like Velocity.Velocity Trusted Partner


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