At Velocity, we understand maintaining and managing SAP HANA can be a strain on your resources, your infrastructure, and your budget. That’s why Velocity provides turnkey SAP HANA managed services. We can support your SAP HANA environment for a fraction of the cost of internal resources in a predictable and manageable payment model. SAP MANAGED SERVICES CERTIFICATIONS:
  • Certified in SAP Hosting
  • Certified in SAP Cloud Services
  • Certified SAP Application Management Services (SAP AMS) Partner
  • Senior teams of SAP Consultants around the world including the US, London, Singapore and India
  • Expertise in selected industry solutions such as DBM, AFS and FMS
By partnering with Velocity, you can minimize SAP HANA downtime and ensure maintenance is handled without problems. Our SAP Managed Services team provide your company with the skill sets needed to maintain and support your SAP HANA environment.


Leading companies choose Velocity for SAP HANA migration to a robust, scalable and secure environment. By deploying SAP HANA in Velocity’s Cloud, you can increase your business agility and realize the full potential of HANA with a predictable cost and reduced risk.

Velocity’s private Cloud and 3.0 architecture is built for migrating and hosting powerful systems like SAP, including the ability to handle SAP HANA’s exponential bursts in data transfer.

In addition, each Velocity data center - from location and accessibility to power density and redundancy - is designed to guarantee security, resiliency, and efficiency.


Our SAP HANA implementation services let enterprises reap the maximum benefit from this hybrid software and hardware. SAP HANA enables enterprises to analyze the business as it happens with real-time data. We can help with everything from implementing SAP BW on SAP HANA to SAP ABAP on SAP HANA.


  • On-site, local application deployment
  • Cloud-hosted SAP HANA deployment
  • SAP HANA implementation strategy
  • Post go-live support and ongoing maintenance
  • 24/7 SAP HANA application support


As in all SAP installations, customers should have a maintenance strategy to keep their SAP HANA systems up-to-date as per SAP’s recommendation. SAP releases service pack update for HANA twice a year in end-March and end-September. In between, SAP releases Revisions and Maintenance Revisions to fix system bugs on a regular basis.

With a properly planned SAP HANA maintenance strategy, customers need not endure disruptive upgrades and get to enjoy incremental benefits throughout the lifespan of their HANA systems. Contact us for an assessment and let us work with you to plan your SAP HANA upgrade strategy.