Efficiency and Clarity

We ensure your business receives the most from your SAP investment. In every project, our consultants work with you to identify a list of needed SAP ERP developments. We also understand that user experience is key to efficiency, clarity and results.  

Turnkey SAP ECC Solutions:

Our turnkey solutions for your SAP ECC applications will help you address your needs quickly, as these programs are instantly ready to deploy. They're designed to be a comprehensive solution for all businesses yet will meet your business' unique requirements.

Our turnkey SAP ECC solutions include:

  • Planning and blueprint designs
  • Upgrade services
  • Pre-defined application integrations
  • SAP hosting with high availability
  • Full life cycle managed services
  • Implementation and realization

SAP ECC Managed Services

Managing your SAP ECC applications suite is essential to its value for your company. For some companies, this responsibility can be strenuous on IT resources and lead to inefficiency.

Velocity offers full life cycle management services for SAP ECC applications, meaning we'll handle the back-end operations of your solution for as long as you use it. By shifting these responsibilities to our expert team, you can make sure your applications are supported and secure 24/7, and your colleagues will be able to focus on other business goals.

SAP ECC Cloud Hosting

Hosting is a particular method used for software storage. With the SAP ECC hosting services at Velocity, you will install your SAP ECC software on servers in our data center. You'll be able to access these servers remotely from your business to use the software.

Cloud hosting will benefit your company by shifting the maintenance and monitoring costs and responsibilities from your team to ours. We will take care of ensuring your SAP ECC applications are updated and secure so that you can focus on using the programs.

SAP ECC Consulting Services

SAP ECC programs can offer valuable insight into your business core. The implementation of this software is key to determining the value it will generate for you. The SAP ECC consulting services at Velocity will help your team navigate the program's components to lower risk and maximize results.

Our SAP experts will guide your company, applying the best industry practices and our previous experience consulting with thousands of clients. Using a holistic viewpoint, we'll add to the value of every program to ensure success and consistency. In two to four weeks, we'll help you create a plan leading to your desired objectives. As a result, you'll have a resource and project plan with full cost estimates.

SAP ECC Implementation Services

Implementing your SAP ECC program doesn't have to be a daunting task. Velocity will fast track your implementation with our Speed 2 Value (S2V) methodology, taking your business from the initial stages to the end result in as little as 30 days to meet your deadlines and allow you to use the program sooner.

We have years of experience launching SAP ECC for other clients, which has given us a reliable implementation process to follow. The steps of our implementation procedure involve:

  • Initial SAP ECC implementation of modules and technology
  • SAP ECC implementation customizations
  • Conversions and interfaces
  • SAP ECC reports development
  • Global technical implementation teams

Each aspect of your implementation journey will be catered to your specific business objectives to benefit your company.

SAP ECC Upgrade Services

SAP S/4 HANA is SAP's newest ERP platform, and many businesses are upgrading to this technology from SAP ECC. As your company grows — and as technology changes — you'll need an SAP solution that will change with you, making the upgrade from SAP ECC to S/4 HANA even more appealing.

With our SAP ECC upgrade services, Velocity will handle the process of upgrading your applications so that your team can focus on your company. We'll ensure that the process is as smooth as possible, with minimal disruption to your existing programs and accurate transfer of your business data.

Trust Velocity to Maintain and Upgrade Your SAP ECC Applications to S/4 HANA

Velocity Technology Solutions is a partner you can trust for SAP ECC managed services. The advantages of partnering with us include:

  • A predictable monthly fee: There are no surprise costs with Velocity. Your monthly fee will always be consistent, so your finance team can budget accordingly.
  • SAP licensing in a subscription model: With our subscription model, you'll pay a user fee, granting your company access to all the benefits of up-to-date SAP applications.
  • Turnkey SAP services: From SAP ECC implementation to hosting to support, Velocity has all the services you need to maximize your performance.
  • The SAP Partner Center of Excellence (PCoE): Velocity has PCoE certification, ensuring the knowledgeable staff and experience necessary to offer our clients the best SAP support.

Partner with Velocity for your SAP ECC services today. Book a meeting with our experts to get started.

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