PeopleSoft Cloud Migration Roadmap

Despite the advantages, cloud migrations present many challenges. Traditional cloud migration projects are very complex and involve significant upfront investment of resources and budget. Whether you're looking to move your PeopleSoft applications to the cloud from a legacy on-site infrastructure, or from one cloud environment to another, we have the experience and expertise required for a seamless PeopleSoft cloud migration.


Upgrade and Migrate to PeopleSoft 9.2.x

That's exactly what ACN, the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications, did. Looking to minimize the burden of maintaining hardware and infrastructure, ACN needed a solution that provided greater control over costs and security, enhanced predictability, and improved application performance. Partnering with Velocity, ACN transitioned its PeopleSoft 9.2 Financials and 8.9 archive environment with the Amazon Web Services cloud, resulting in a 2x-3x improvement in overall system performance. 

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How Southcoast Health Regained Flexibility.

Southcoast Health needed more flexibility to manage their complex PeopleSoft applications. Their current hosting provider’s rigid processes prevented the IT team from accomplishing strategic tasks, like deploying new application functionality.

Southcoast entrusted Velocity to help them find a solution: Move their PeopleSoft applications to OCI. With their IT foundation hosted on OCI, Southcoast benefited from much-needed flexibility. That meant they could finally administer their applications according to their own business needs--not the needs of a legacy managed hosting provider. 

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The Right Time To Migrate PeopleSoft To The Cloud

While the process of migration may seem challenging, maintaining a legacy system that utilizes resources inefficiently and fails to meet current and future needs presents a number of challenges as well. To identify the right time to migrate your PeopleSoft application to the cloud, we created a solution brief that contains: Ideal times and situations for a PeopleSoft cloud migration, benefits of migrating PeopleSoft to the cloud for four different scenarios, and common business moments to look for and capitalize on.

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