A Record of Success

    Velocity Technology Solutions has a successful record of large-scale outsourcing engagements with global companies across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial, retail, manufacturing, energy, and more.

    As an Oracle Platinum Partner, we have greater access to the latest technology, training, and product initiatives. The OPN partnership reaffirms our commitment to maintaining our in-depth Oracle expertise and excellence.


    • Oracle Platinum Partner Specialized Infrastructure as a Service
    • Platinum Partner for Cloud Standard
    • Oracle Platinum Partner in the Oracle Partner Network
    • First Regional SI-certified as an OCI Managed Service Provider
    • Member of the Oracle Partner Advisory Board
    • Awarded the 2018 Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year for Cloud

    The Benefits of Utilizing a Cloud Service Provider for Your Oracle Applications

    At Velocity, we believe in helping you maximize your Oracle services to save your business time and money. There are many benefits to optimizing your Oracle applications with the help of an expert cloud service provider. From implementing the best application management practices in the industry to seamless cloud migration, the perks of having a cloud service provider on your side who understands the needs of your business are virtually endless.

    Here's how a cloud service provider can help you get the most out of your Oracle applications:

    • Utilizing a cloud service provider for your business's Oracle applications optimizes your cloud management capabilities by providing a high-performance, industry-specific management solution.
    • As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Velocity can provide your business with customized solutions for Oracle training, implementation, management and migration.
    • When you partner with a cloud service provider such as Velocity for your Oracle applications, you and your team have access to Oracle support around the clock.
    • Opting for a cloud service provider for your Oracle applications increases your business's productivity and performance as a whole by providing easy-to-use solutions for maximizing your ERP, HPM and EPM applications.

    Oracle Cloud Managed Services

    Velocity offers cloud managed services for Oracle applications. One of the first partners to provide end-to-end services for the Oracle Cloud, we have years of experience handling even the most complex Oracle Cloud issues for businesses like yours. Our list of Oracle Cloud Managed Services includes:

    • Upgrade Support
    • Application Maintenance and Optimization
    • Interface Support and Maintenance
    • Functional Support
    • Developmental Technical Support

    We provide support for Oracle Fusion Cloud applications such as Goal Management, HR, Taleo, Talent Management and more.

    Oracle Cloud Migration Services

    Velocity can help you migrate any compatible ERP, HRM and EPM application into Oracle Cloud in a quick, seamless process. You can move your database to the Oracle Cloud with the help of experienced Oracle support specialists for a more cost-effective and scalable data management system for your business.

    Our Oracle Cloud migration services allow you to keep all of your applications in one manageable place. Enjoy the same functions of your regular technology in the Oracle Cloud environment.

    Oracle Upgrade Services

    We deliver Oracle Upgrade Services that help businesses like yours seamlessly transition into Oracle's newest upgrades without lost productivity time. Elevate your Oracle experience with Velocity's fast and simple upgrade services, which include state-of-the-art methodology and tools to facilitate fast adoption of Oracle's newest features, decrease costs through automation and improve efficiency. Our team of experienced Oracle Platinum consultants will help you reap the most benefit from all of Oracle's upgrades.

    Oracle Implementation Services

    The implementation process doesn't have to disrupt your business when you partner with Velocity. We provide Oracle Implementation Services that offer fast, seamless Oracle integration with your current tools and applications. Experience the benefits of our World-Class Oracle Fusion HCM Implementation when you take advantage of Velocity's RapidStart Methodology, which gives you a low-cost, business-ready solution to move your current applications to Oracle Fusion.

    This process includes design analysis, project compass, build, testing and other essential services.

    Trust Velocity to Maximize Your Oracle Applications

    Make your Oracle applications work for you with Velocity's skills and expertise in all things Oracle. We've helped countless businesses streamline their processes through our Oracle Cloud Services, helping them save time and money through automation, seamless cloud migrations and upgrades, performance upgrades and ensuring our customers receive the maximum benefit from their Oracle applications.

    If you want to optimize your Oracle applications for your business, request a meeting with Velocity today. Reach out to our knowledgeable team if you have questions about our services!

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