Get the Most Out of Your Hyperion Applications

Each Hyperion application offers a range of benefits, and while they function well individually, you get the most for your business when they work together. Hyperion will expand with your business to make upgrades simple. Plus, you can increase compliance and have confidence in your numbers. In-depth analyses from multiple perspectives also allow you to create comprehensive financial insights for your next business move.

Oracle management systems are market-leading and designed to make your everyday business processes more manageable. Implement Hyperion alongside other Oracle programs or with another type of transactional system.

Why Work With Velocity for Hyperion Cloud Implementation Services?

Velocity is the only Oracle partner that offers turnkey solutions for Hyperion applications. When you work with us, we'll customize your financial processes to your enterprising needs. Our support, planning and executing create a seamless process to help you enjoy the benefits of your Hyperion applications shortly after initiating implementation. Our process takes weeks, as opposed to months, meaning you can get started on your financial management as soon as possible.

As a Platinum Level Oracle Partner, we know how to install Oracle programs for maximum efficiency. We provide our clients with Hyperion implementations of the latest 11.1.2.x release, including Essbase, Planning, HFM, Financial Data Management (FDM), Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management (HPCM) and the key Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) applications. We offer our services with a subscription pricing model, so you can pay a flat monthly rate and get 24/7 support and operation from our team.

If you're interested in running your enterprise resource planning (ERP) program alongside Hyperion, our industry knowledge will help both operations seamlessly integrate. With full automation, your company will feel organized and prepared in multiple departments.  

Contact Velocity for Expert Hyperion Implementation Services

When you choose Velocity, you choose automation that helps you work better, faster and cheaper. Our private cloud network provides security while our reliable services will maximize efficiency and give you fully integrated cloud access for easy use. If you're interested in Hyperion implementation, start by scheduling a meeting with one of our experts to discuss your options.


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