Why Upgrade EBS to 12.2?

Despite the initial upgrade cost, Oracle EBS 12.2 will give you a return on your investment. The software is designed to improve performance and promote smart decision-making. Its management system gives you a comprehensive overview, so you can make choices that will save your company money.

Oracle implemented a streamlined installation process to simplify your Oracle EBS upgrade. Your business can install the upgrade on your existing database servers and carry it out into real application clusters (RAC). There is also support for Fusion middleware through Oracle Apps 12.2 cloning.

New Technical and Functional Features

Upgrade Your EBS Applications With Velocity

Velocity uses the best industry practices to ensure that your EBS 12.2 upgrade is successful and happens in a short time frame at a cost-effective price. Our team consists of R12 certified implementation specialists and R12 Oracle support specialists, so we will work through any issues that arise during your upgrade.

After we install your Oracle EBS upgrade, we offer training and support to help you navigate through the new configurations and functions. Velocity has supported hundreds of clients in their EBS 12.2 upgrade.

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Upgrade vs Reimplement?

Every business is different—so why should every journey to EBS 12.2 be the same? With the option to upgrade or re-implement, you can make sure your move to EBS 12.2 is tailored to your specific needs. 

Choosing between an upgrade or re-implementation can have a huge impact on your new EBS 12.2 system and what your business gets out of it. Now that you know the difference between the two options, here are a few checklist items to evaluate before you pick your method.

Chart Your Route

Are You Ready To Upgrade?

Upgrading to the Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 requires your database to be at the minimum version If you haven’t upgraded to or, you can upgrade your database prior to the upgrade downtime. In doing so, you’ll benefit from the latest security, performance, and stability updates—all while having one less step to perform when you upgrade to 12.2.

If you’re upgrading to 12.2 from 11.0 or 11i, your requirements look a little different. Your upgrade must be from If your database isn’t operating at that level, you must first patch or upgrade to, and then to 12.2. 

8 Steps To Master Your Upgrade

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