Why Upgrade to Infor 10/10x?

Upgrading your business's software allows you to use all of the tools and features implemented in the new system. Upgrades also contain the latest software patches and updates to protect your business data. In the case of Infor, the Infor 10x upgrade is beneficial for your business processes and your bottom line, even when considering the costs associated with upgrading.

Now is the time for your business to invest in an Infor 10 upgrade because you'll benefit from:

  • Integration: Your business applications will work together for streamlined processes.
  • Mobile platforms: Use your Infor 10 system on any device, anytime.
  • Flexibility: You can configure many aspects of the system to tailor it to your company's needs.
  • User-friendly interface: The interface is modern and intuitive, so it's easy to oversee your operations through multiple components.
  • Tools: Infor 10 has high-tech tools for planning, management and more that will benefit your business processes.
  • Streamlined information: Infor 10 shows you your data and its context for improved decision making.

Upgrade Your Infor Applications With Velocity

The Infor 10x upgrade services at Velocity will make your move to this latest software version simple and effective. As the largest independent provider of Infor cloud solutions, we have completed over 5,000 business process customizations. Velocity is a CSF Certified Infor Partner — only one of eight partners in the world with this distinguishment.

We have over 10 years of experience and hundreds of successful Infor upgrades, so our experts will make your Infor 10 upgrade risk-free and cost-effective. This experience includes upgrading the common components of Infor 10 and 10x, including:

  • Landmark Lawson Talent Management
  • Lawson Smart Office
  • Lawson Business Intelligence
  • Process Flow to Infor Process Automation
  • Infor M3
  • Infor ION
  • Infor Lawson S3

When you use Velocity's Infor 10 upgrade services, we will run several testing cycles before the upgrade to make sure that the data, usability and business processes are working efficiently. Most of our upgrades go live within 12 to 14 weeks, so you can start using the new system sooner.

Start planning your Infor 10x upgrade with us today. Request a consultation for more information.

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