Modern Financial Solutions for Modern Businesses

Tailor your financial solutions to your specific business objectives and uncover end-to-end solutions that take the strain off your IT team. No matter the EPM/BI solution or module, Velocity Technology Solutions can get you on the right track to realize results when it comes your investment, especially when you rely on our expertise for the following modules:


On-Premises or in the Cloud

With recent advances in FinTech as it digitally transforms the industry, and increased stability in public and hybrid cloud models, interest in cloud infrastructure as a viable business strategy is climbing. Whether you choose to deploy your EPM and BI tools in our any-cloud model or stay on-premises, our team of experts can ensure your application performance remains secure and agile for optimal performance with our cloud assessment and project road map.

Managed Services

Let Our BI & EPM Experts Reduce Your IT Costs With Our Application Managed  Services (AMS)

Maximize your application performance with minimal downtime and application expertise when you choose Velocity Technology Solutions for your managed application services.


The Velocity Managed Services Model

Our application management expertise provides the flexibility to manage your BI/EPM applications both on-premises or in any public, private, or hybrid cloud. Modernize your IT and lean on us as your trusted cloud adviser for: 

  • Proactive system monitoring & maintenance 
  • Customized reporting
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Secure, stable, and optimized application environments


Velocity Technology Solutions helps organizations implement BI and EPM solutions, with or without existing ERPs, while enforcing best practices developed and refined from years of hands-on experience.

We can successfully complete your BI and EPM implementations, both on-premises or in any public, private, or hybrid cloud, no matter what current ERP you're using.

Gain these benefits:

  • Global team delivering implementations in North America and Europe
  • Flexible cloud co-existence model to fit your specific applications and business requirements
  • Offshore development centers for cost-effective design and build of reports, interfaces, customizations and extensions
  • We keep business growth in mind, implementing only the solutions that will require the fewest changes and updates moving forward

Enterprise Solutions

Infor Managed Services