Enterprise Resource Planning Functions and Features

    ERP is based on a unified database intended for wide distribution. All business processes can rely on the accuracy of this data to perform job tasks with confidence. ERP brings data, staff and technologies together to streamline business operations.

    Using an enterprise resource planning system will promote processes in departments such as:

    • Inventory management: ERP for inventory management gives you real-time insight into your stock. When synced with data from manufacturing, distribution and sales, ERP links the supply chain pipeline. You can forecast issues and demand with analytics tools.
    • Manufacturing: ERP for manufacturing helps you manage your resources and processes in the shop, including finances, procurement, planning and scheduling.
    • Distribution: To move the product from the warehouse to its next destination, ERP manages order tracking, fulfillment and purchasing, so you can know the product's location and its availability.
    • Customer relationship management (CRM): When used alongside your ERP solution, CRM allows you can nurture and obtain leads and have their information on hand for shipping and billing.
    • Accounting: Accounting is a back-office process and a core function of ERP. Your ERP tools will manage your finances through accounts payable and receivable and ledger functions, as well as time tracking, payroll and taxes.

    Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning

    Implementing enterprise resource planning software is well worth the time and effort because of the benefits it provides. Using ERP software will give you the following advantages.

    More Efficient Workflow

    Due to automation, ERP services eliminate the need for employees to enter figures manually, saving time and preventing errors. The streamlined and integrated data improves business processes, leading to better efficiency in your team. You will also have more time to work on additional projects and invest in new business ventures.

    Collaboration Across the Company

    Departments already have to work together for certain functions, and an ERP system makes that collaboration easier. All teams involved can use the ERP to find the necessary data for their project. With real-time updating, everyone's data will be accurate too. When used as a cloud service, ERP can be accessed in many locations, so colleagues at different branches can work together.

    Significant Cost Savings

    With increased insight into your business, you can make better financial decisions. Lower your administrative costs, manage your operations and minimize disruptions in production, all with ERP services. These changes, as well as changes to procedures, will lead to a substantial return on your investment in ERP.

    How Can Velocity Help With Your Enterprise Resource Planning System?

    Velocity has worked with enterprise software, including ERP, for over 15 years. Launching your enterprise resource planning system with us is easy because we manage the back-end operations. Leave it up to us to store and manage your data, update applications and oversee issues.

    As an Oracle Platinum Partner, we have a team of experienced consultants that are ready to help you implement and manage your ERP. Choose Velocity as your partner in enterprise resource planning and start realizing all the benefits of streamlined business processes.

    Learn More About the ERP Services at Velocity

    An enterprise resource planning system is a valuable business tool that becomes even better when you work with the experts at Velocity. We will manage the system behind-the-scenes so you can focus on growing your business.

    Fill out the form on our website to book a meeting with us today. Our team will review your company's challenges, find the best solution and make a custom recommendation for you for free. We are looking forward to helping you streamline your business processes and accelerate your growth.

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