Corporate Performance Management Process

    The business performance management methodology is a subset of business intelligence that focuses on the communication, alignment and execution of strategies through frameworks. These frameworks address financial processes to garner success.

    The CPM processes include:

    • Defining the business model: Set the goals that you want your company to achieve. You can use your CPM to adjust your budget, reduce expenses, improve your strategies and more.
    • Forecasting, budgeting and planning: Determine strategic and financial goals by working with your finance team, executives and stakeholders.
    • Financial close management: CPM management validates budgets and forecasts against financial performance, going a step beyond ordinary accounting procedures.
    • Reporting: Reports are sent out to let stakeholders know all the information needed to make business decisions. CPM software also ensures compliance with reporting standards and transparency.
    • Modeling and analysis: Models test ideas through many scenarios, so you can predict changes and prepare for them. Analysis studies operating factors and business performance to identify correlations, compare actual performance to target goals and make changes to meet these goals. Based on the results of the first round of testing, CPM continues to put models through what-if scenarios and gather more data.

    Benefits of Corporate Performance Management

    Implementing corporate performance management software means that you'll spend less time collecting data and more time using it — all for the benefit of your company. When you invest in corporate performance management solutions, you'll benefit from the following.

    Improved Workflow

    With performance management reports and data in one place, everyone can locate and utilize the information they need for collaborative projects. Through every stage, the CPM keeps operations running smoothly. It can send reports, import data, provide templates and automate processes to make workflow simple.

    Managed Real-Time Data

    CPM programs bring in data from different sources, interpreted into a simple format and updated in real-time. This data view gives you insight into your business and helps you make informed business decisions. Interpreting data is made even easier with automatic charts and graphs on your dashboard.

    Simple Calculations

    Because CPM software looks ahead to set goals, the program runs more data calculations than other enterprise applications. You can use formulas similar to a spreadsheet program to gather the statistics you need to generate a report. For those with no spreadsheet experience, the simple interface is easy to use.

    Why Velocity for Corporate Performance Management Services?

    Partner with Velocity for your company's corporate performance management solutions. We are an:

    • Oracle Platinum Partner
    • Qlik Partner
    • Infor Alliance Partner
    • SAP Partner (certified in the United States for SAP Hosting and SAP Application Management Services)

    With these certifications, we have the expertise to implement a successful corporate performance management solution at your company. We have also:

    • Worked with enterprise software for over 15 years
    • Become a recognized leader in managed applications
    • Worked with clients across many industries
    • Helped hundreds of clients manage their corporate performance management software

    When you choose us for your CPM program, we will manage your applications for you. Let us handle updating the software, backing up your data, managing back-end operations and troubleshooting problems. While we take care of these initiatives, you can focus on maximizing your use of the software to meet company goals.

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