Enterprise Resource Planning

    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is another type of enterprise system. It manages regular business activities and creates links between them for data flow. Since ERP is a centralized source of data, users can trust in its accuracy.

    Some of the areas ERP systems manage include:

    • Project management
    • Supply chain operations
    • Risk management and compliance
    • Accounting
    • Procurement

    The goal of ERP is to integrate all of the data and processes into one platform for data integrity and a smooth workflow, both vital components in the modern workforce. When implemented correctly, ERP can give you better insight into your business, promote collaboration across departments and save money.

    Corporate Performance Management

    Corporate performance management (CPM) manages organizational success through methodologies and frameworks. From communication to planning to execution, CPM analyzes these steps and how they have improved or harmed the company's trajectory.

    CPM looks at key performance indicators like:

    • Return on investment
    • Revenue
    • Operational costs
    • Overhead

    The goal of CPM is to align business practices to priorities and ensure that strategies are put into motion and lead to success. CPM gives you better insight into many areas of your business and their contributions to company outcomes.

    Enterprise Performance Management

    Enterprise performance management (EPM) houses a business's financial data and helps plan, budget, predict and report its finances. EPM also supports the management processes that improve profits and performance. EPM is often used in tandem with ERP, which gives the company comprehensive transactional and management systems and processes.

    An EPM will consider areas such as:

    • Supply chain management
    • Manufacturing
    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • Sales

    The goal of EPM is to optimize performance and maximize the value of investments. Through goal setting and the development and execution of plans, EPM will review the results and make the necessary changes.

    Why Velocity for Enterprise Applications?

    At Velocity, we understand that using the right enterprise application system in your business can boost performance and save resources. Our consultants are trained in innovative applications like:

    • Oracle
    • SAP
    • Infor
    • Business Intelligence
    • Epic
    • Kronos

    Our team will help you implement application software and take over management duties, so you can focus on important business operations. Partner with Velocity to launch your enterprise application systems.

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