Accelerate Your Public Cloud Migrations

With over 15 years of experience in public cloud migration, we are equipped to help your business make the move while avoiding the typical hassles of Public Cloud migrations. The public cloud is commonly used to host online office applications, testing and development environments, web-based email and storage. The benefits of the public cloud include:

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Hybrid Cloud Migrations

A hybrid cloud solution is the combination of a public cloud with either on-premise infrastructure or private clouds, so you can enjoy the benefits of both on-premise and cloud solutions. At Velocity will help manage and initiate your migration to a hybrid cloud solution. Our team has years of experience to make your transition as smooth and affordable as possible.

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Cloud Benefits Brought To Life

More and more companies are starting the process of moving their data from onsite to the cloud, and it's a move you should also consider for your business. Some reasons to move from on-premise to the cloud include:

Say Good-Bye To Your Data Center

We're finally ditching our data center in exchange for something better. And in a moment of self-reflection, we decided to write a breakup letter to our data center, outlining all the reasons why we're finally pulling the plug—and why we think everyone else should do the same, too. 

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Cloud Migration Services

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Cloud Migration Services
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