Accelerate Your Public Cloud Migrations

The public cloud is the most common method in cloud application solutions — and for good reason. In the public cloud, the servers and storage are owned by the service provider, and you access them through the internet.

With over 15 years of experience in public cloud migration, we are equipped to help your business make the move while avoiding the typical hassles of Public Cloud migrations. The public cloud is commonly used to host online office applications, testing and development environments, web-based email and storage. The benefits of the public cloud include:

  • No maintenance: The service provider will take care of all of the maintenance, so you won't have to delegate in-house resources to handle it.
  • Reliability: Because there is a vast network of servers, failure is unlikely.
  • Scalability: If your business needs to grow its resources, your cloud system will grow with them.
  • Low costs: You'll pay for the services you use without paying to maintain your own software and hardware.

Hybrid Cloud Migrations

A hybrid cloud solution is the combination of a public cloud with either on-premise infrastructure or private clouds, so you can enjoy the benefits of both on-premise and cloud solutions. At Velocity will help manage and initiate your migration to a hybrid cloud solution. Our team has years of experience to make your transition as smooth and affordable as possible.

This solution allows you to move your data and applications between various clouds or move from the private cloud to the public cloud in high-demand seasons in your industry. The benefits of the hybrid cloud include:

  • Gradual migration: Because the hybrid cloud relies on multiple means, the transition doesn't have to happen all at once. Easing into your cloud solution can happen over time and in phases, making the move easier for everyone.
  • Greater control: Your company can store sensitive information in the private cloud or on-premise servers for greater control in access and security.
  • More flexibility: Moving from the private cloud to the public cloud can happen whenever you need it to and offers additional resources for you to use.
  • Low costs: Scaling into the public cloud as needed means that you are only paying for what you use.

Cloud Migration Checklist

Cloud Benefits Brought To Life

More and more companies are starting the process of moving their data from onsite to the cloud, and it's a move you should also consider for your business. Some reasons to move from on-premise to the cloud include:

  • Data-based decision-making: Cloud-based applications sift through the bits of data you already have and display it in analytical reports.
  • More flexibility: Using the cloud offers greater flexibility in your application structure, so necessary changes in specs like bandwidth or storage happen instantly, giving you more time to focus on other business endeavors.
  • Improved productivity: Cloud computing offers an advantage in productivity because the applications update automatically and frequently in the background. 
  • Increased security: Cloud storage is typically more secure than on-premise storage because your application provider will handle the back-end security issues for you through encryption and heightened security around their physical server locations.
  • Easier data recovery: After power outages, intense weather or other forms of disaster that could harm your business, it's easier and quicker to get up and running again if your data is stored in the cloud.
  • Opportunities to save money: Cloud applications save your business money in several ways. 

Trust Velocity to Provide Seamless Migration

Start your move from on-premise to the cloud today by scheduling a consultation with us. We will review your challenges, discuss solutions that meet them and create custom recommendations for you — all for free. We are looking forward to bringing the advantages of cloud-based applications to your business.

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