Our Strategy for a Successful Migration

The Velocity Technology Solutions migration methodology shortens the time and lowers costs when migrating to multi or hybrid clouds. Our automated, agile approach provides flexible end-to-end support for planning and executing successful migrations and modernizing applications to accelerate your business outcomes.

A Seamless Approach to Migration

We perform application and data center mass migrations using our proven migration methodology. This repeatable methodology delivers successful migrations in weeks, not months.

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Cloud Migration Triggers To Capitalize On

Migrating to the cloud can benefit any business. However, it's a decision that needs to be thought through. Consider your reasons for migrating to the cloud, besides the obvious benefits. It is an endeavor that will cost time and money, so make sure that your logic behind seeking cloud migration solutions is sound.

You may decide to move your enterprise software to the cloud if:

  • You want to cut costs
  • You want to get the best use out of your IT resources
  • Your current infrastructure is bogging down your business
  • You want your data stored in a safe place
  • You want a competitive edge in your industry

If one or more of these issues is affecting your business, going to the cloud with help from a cloud migration company may help you get ahead. A professional team can provide cloud data migration services to simplify the process and make sure that your cloud solution will meet your needs.

Cloud Migration Roadmap

Navigating Cloud Migration Roadblocks

On the road to a complete cloud solution, you may face some challenges that stand in the way of a simple migration. Watch out for these common issues during data migration:

  • The system has technical difficulties
  • Your users don't understand how to use the system
  • Your users aren't motivated to use the system
  • New requirements pop up in the middle of the project (scope creep)
  • Your project loses executive support
  • You have a lack of quantity or quality of resources

Partnering with Velocity will help you avoid these problems.

When you choose us as your cloud migration service provider, you can trust that your migration will be seamless because:

  • We have a vast knowledge of enterprise applications, and hundreds of certifications to prove it
  • We have done cloud migrations for companies across many industries
  • We have thousands of success stories
  • We are an AWS Platinum Partner and Oracle Platinum Partner

We will work with your business to plan every aspect of your migration and oversee every step of the process. The expert team at Velocity will navigate any challenges that face the project, so your data transfers successfully. By avoiding common data migration pitfalls, your company can start using cloud platform features  and reaping the benefits  as soon as possible.

Solutions For 3 Common Challenges

How Velocity Navigates the Pitfalls of Migration

According to Forrester, 76% of North American and European enterprise infrastructure decision-makers are considering migrating existing applications to the cloud as part of their cloud strategy. Preparing for migration can be a daunting task that requires detailed planning and deep technical experience. Common processes for workload migration can be complex and require upfront consultation, manual activities, and multiple tools.

Accelerate your migration to the cloud with Velocity Technology Solutions, leveraging our deep technical expertise in enterprise applications and avoiding the common pitfalls associated with cloud application migrations to ensure a seamless migration.

Cloud Migration Roadmap

Why Migrate With Velocity?

Since 2003, Velocity has worked to make using enterprise software easier for businesses around the globe. We understand that the first step in using this software involves getting your data into the cloud. Our team of experts will work with your business to make this transition as effective as possible while preserving internal resources.

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