Why Upgrade?

    The end of support for SQL 2008 means that your company can try something new. Modernize your systems and migrate to the cloud, so you can avoid the risks of a legacy system, have better security, remain in compliance and have provider support, all while saving money.

    You have many options for platforms you can upgrade to, including:

    • Microsoft Azure: Microsoft has encouraged SQL 2008 customers to migrate to Azure, their cloud platform with nearly limitless network bandwidth and storage.
    • SQL 2016 or newer: Since 2008, Microsoft has developed newer SQL Servers with better features and software support.
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS): This cloud service platform by Amazon lets you run application servers and host your website in the cloud and store and access your files from anywhere using managed databases.

    Upgrading or migrating from your SQL Server takes time, especially if it's done manually. Avoid the limitations of manual processes and eliminate the risk of error with Velocity's SQL Server database hosting services. Backed by our experienced team and hundreds of successful migrations, we will make the transition seamless, all while protecting your data and giving you the best start in using innovative cloud solutions.

    Contact Velocity to Upgrade Your SQL Server to AWS

    It's time to leave behind SQL 2008 and migrate your data into the AWS cloud. Velocity will help you with your migration, as well as management and modernization of your applications, keeping you in compliance and optimizing your performance.

    When you upgrade your SQL Server to AWS with Velocity, your business will see benefits such as:

    • Reduced time to market, risk and cost through automation
    • Lower total cost of ownership
    • Bring Your Own License for standard and enterprise upgrades

    To learn more, schedule a meeting with our team of experts today. We will develop a unique plan for your organization at no cost.

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