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Relational databases power the backbone of most enterprises today. Velocity Technology Solutions offers Database as a Service to provide a highly available, scalable, flexible and license-efficient SQL Server managed database service built for high performance. We allow you to bring your licenses to the cloud and leverage your investment, or use our license. Our managed services support OLTP, data analysis and integration services.

Your databases administered by Velocity will be:

  • Available: Your data will be available whenever you need it.
  • Scalable: Your databases will grow with your company, so they will always meet your needs.
  • Flexible: You can use only what you need and change your usage on the go.
  • License-efficient: Bring your own license or use ours — we leave the choice up to you, so you can decide what is best for your company.

Our databases operate on Microsoft SQL Server software. The SQL Server manages the database and performs queries, retrieving data for other applications necessary for business functions.

We allow you to bring your licenses to the cloud and leverage your investment, which is advantageous if you already have an existing license and server you want to use. It creates a seamless experience across your applications. You may also choose to use our license, so you don't have to manage the licensing terms and conditions.

Our database administration as a service supports these services:

  • Online transactional processing (OLTP): Insert, update, delete and otherwise alter certain datasets in your database.
  • Data analysisGet analytical capabilities in the cloud to comprehend and use your data.
  • Integration: Gather information from multiple sources in one location, or send it to another.


With our Database as a Service (DBaaS), you will be able to mitigate the cost and skills availability challenges of deploying and managing your database. Our solution leverages the efficiencies of the public cloud and its own proprietary cloud platform (VCAMP), providing high performance, dependability, rich features and cost-effectiveness.


The Velocity Technology Solutions Database as a Service is up to 60% more cost-efficient than other competing cloud SQL Server DBaaS solutions. With the ability to leverage existing license investment and automation of key database administration tasks, our DBaaS offers an unparalleled TCO.

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Velocity is a leading provider in cloud Database as a Service and other management services for over 15 years. Our goal is to simplify using databases by managing your back-end operations. Partnering with Velocity allows your business to focus on high-end objectives.

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