Defining a Business-Aligned Cloud Strategy

Cloud journeys can be filled with missteps.  According to Gartner, "I&O leaders responsible for cloud infrastructure can mitigate risks, speed adoption, and maximize cost savings by applying lessons learned by previous cloud adopters." 

In Gartner's "Lessons Learned From the Most Common Mistakes Made by Cloud Infrastructure Adopters," you'll discover how to avoid common pitfalls and missteps to ensure your cloud journey is a success. So what steps can your business take now to ensure your cloud infrastructure deployment is a success in the future? Start by understanding—and learning from—the mistakes businesses commonly make in their cloud journeys. 

Lesson Learned From Early Adopters


Cloud Managed Services From Velocity

When your business uses cloud management services from Velocity, you can focus on growing your business. As a trusted cloud advisor, Velocity’s portfolio of Cloud managed services, professional services, advanced data analytics, and optimization solutions enable organizations to:

  • Reduce Costs: Avoid expensive consulting and realize a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Mitigate Risk: High resiliency with HA design and cross-region disaster recovery
  • Automate Processes: Reduce cost, risk, and time to market with automated, repeatable best practices.
  • Enhance Security: Industry expertise from cloud service providers keep companies updated on the latest security protocols and regulatory requirements.

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Cloud Consulting Services

A growing business may face challenges in utilizing cloud-based solutions. To get the most out of your cloud services, ensure that your company is using every aspect of the solution in the best way possible. Issues may require a unique solution — and the expert team at Velocity can help.

Velocity will upgrade your IT department by providing cloud-based solutions that change the way you do business. When you choose Velocity for your cloud services, be sure to take advantage of our consulting services. We'll make every step of the process beneficial for your business objectives.

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Leverage Our Experience and Expertise

With over 15 years of experience managing a broad portfolio of complex enterprise applications, Velocity Technology Solutions has gained a tremendous depth and breadth of knowledge that is supported by skilled practitioners, holding over 250 cloud certifications and accreditations, including AWS Premier Partner and Oracle Platinum Partner. Velocity Technology Solutions has over 1,000 environments under management in multi-cloud and hybrid models, including complex enterprise applications, such as:

Get Everything You Need, All in One Place

With one cloud network, all your company data will be housed in one central location. Your employees can access the information they need when they need it, leading to increased productivity. Velocity can manage your company data to make it as efficient as possible for streamlined operations.

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Save Valuable Business Resources

Staffing and training your IT department can be costly, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Outsourcing this management to a third party like Velocity offers maximum results and minimal costs. When you choose Velocity for cloud service management, you can trust our expert team to save you valuable time and resources.

Mitigate Risks and Improve Visibility

Experienced and comprehensive cloud management is a must for your business.  Without it, your business can be exposed to various threats, loss and expensive downtime.  Entrust your critical infrastructure, applications and data to seasoned experts who have enabled hundreds of customers to transform their business.

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Cloud Migration Services
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