Why Velocity for CMI?

Migration and Management of Your Workloads for Improved Productivity

Velocity Technology Solutions has deep expertise in managing the most complex applications.  This allows organizations to get a complete solution in the cloud and focus their resources on modernizing and digitizing the business.

When you choose us as your CMI provider, we will work with your team to find the best solution possible. You will gain more control over your technology and more visibility into your business operations. Learn more about our offerings by contacting us today.

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CMI Solutions

CMI offers a beneficial solution for companies looking to scale their workload functionality at an affordable cost. Velocity will work with you to make sure  your applications have maximum performance, availability, and access. We offer public, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments to help the performance of your workloads.

When you choose to work with Velocity for CMI services, you will receive:

  • Server, database, networking and storage
  • A platform that will support your application infrastructure
  • Continuous maintenance and patching
  • A customer support representative dedicated to your project
  • 24/7 operational support

VCAMP for Unified Management of Enterprise Applications

The Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform (VCAMP) offers a unique approach to CMI. VCAMP is the only cloud management platform engineered to simplify the complexity of managing enterprise applications and CMI.

With our VCAMP platform, you can:

  • Utilize intelligent software to assist in the four key areas of moving your enterprise application to a hybrid or multi-cloud environment: migrate, run, optimize, and monitor
  • Facilitate migrating your application using codified enterprise patterns, automated landing pad creation, and application provisioning

The unique features of VCAMP allow it to provide:

  • Automation for patching, disaster recovery, backup, testing and integration with IT service management tools like ServiceNow to automate running your application
  • Virtual machine rightsizing, spend by tag visibility, hibernation, storage optimization and license usage visibility to help optimize your infrastructure
  • Dynamic monitoring of the OS, databases, applications and user experience through a comprehensive risk and compliance dashboard to facilitate monitoring operation of the application

Clinical Platform as a Service

Clinical Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is Velocity’s answer to fulfilling the unique needs of healthcare organizations. CPaaS was built to elevate the typical CMI offering to a level that meets the specific needs of systems that are critical to a healthcare organization’s mission: Improving patient outcomes while operating in a financially-judicious and fully-compliant environment. 

With CPaaS, healthcare organizations looking to embrace the cloud can now consolidate their business-critical applications into a comprehensive solution with confidence. As an AWS Premier Partner and Oracle Platinum Partner, Velocity Technology Solution guides healthcare customers through this cloud adoption with their deep expertise in managing, modernizing, and migrating leading ERP applications, like Epic, Infor, Oracle, and SAP.

Learn how our CPaaS solution fits into Velocity's services stack.

CPaaS Overview


CPaaS Defined: Webcast


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CMI capabilities can give your business access to innovative tools in the application life cycle at a lower price. If you are evaluating platform as a service provider for the best partnership opportunity, choose Velocity. Learn more about how our CMI options will expand your business capabilities. Schedule a free consultation today, and we'll be in touch.

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