Cloud Disaster Recovery Features

Your business needs define our Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution. When you choose Velocity to implement and manage your Cloud Disaster Recovery strategy, your solution features: 

  • Elasticity: Your solution will prevent application failures due to resource saturation. With Cloud Disaster Recovery, you can scale resources up and down to keep up with workload demand. 
  • Reliability: Your solution ensures your applications will automatically recover from service disruptions, and that your business-critical applications will experience minimal downtime during a contingency.  
  • Monitoring: Our VCAMP tool provisions workloads in hours and provides web-based control with a centralized management console. We work with you to create monitors on predefined values that automatically trigger action if a threshold is breached.
  • Automation: An automated Cloud Disaster Recovery solution ensures you'll meet stringent RPO and RTO requirements. 

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As a leading global cloud managed service provider, our Cloud Disaster Recovery solution ensures your enterprise environment is always protected. To date, our team has managed hundreds of disaster recovery tests and successful recoveries during contingency events. With our experts managing your disaster recovery solution, you can focus more time on innovating new features to add business value, without spending significant time maintaining infrastructure and deployments.

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