Data Analytics Without the Complexities

    It's common to have many different sources of data. You may also have data you never considered, such as clickstream data from their website. In addition to having different sources, data will also have different velocity requirements for how fast the data needs to be processed.  We'll work with you to identify the data points and the desired analytics derived from your data.

    Leveraging the big data ecosystem from major cloud providers, our Cloud Data Analytics offering is tightly integrated with different data sources services to handle any velocity of data, regardless of whether the data is structured or unstructured.

    This is just the beginning of your accelerated data modernization journey. Our Cloud Data Analytics offering features: 

    • Data discovery and ingestion
    • Data processing
    • Security and governance of data
    • Data catalog to help users search and identify data
    • Creation of BI analytics
    • Ongoing project support from experts and data scientists to support evolving requirements

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    Velocity Technology Solutions has over 20 years of experience migrating, managing, and modernizing mission-critical enterprise applications in the cloud. Velocity's mission is to enable mid-market companies to do what they do best by maximizing the value of their applications and cloud platforms. Our goal is to simplify your data modernization journey, so you can spend more time innovating.

    Choose Velocity as your Cloud Data Analytics provider. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more. We will review your needs, create solutions, and offer our recommendation—all for free.

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