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Achieve the full benefit of cloud technology with a Managed Service Provider

According to Gartner, by 2025, 80 percent of enterprises will have shut down their traditional data center compared to the 10 percent that reported already shut down their centers in 20181. The cloud is the future of data management, and there are a variety of solutions that help businesses adopt cloud technology.Cloud Migration Solutions Fifty percent of organizations cite a lack of skills as the top challenge to overcome when adopting the cloud2. Partnering with a cloud services provider that is also experienced in managing applications simplifies cloud migration because it allows internal personnel to focus on strategic business objectives while the MSP expertly migrates and manages data in the cloud per the respective industry’s regulations and requirements. Using an MSP offers businesses a variety of benefits to make their cloud adoption experience easy.

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Manage budgets more effectively

Bloor Research discovered that only 64% of data migration projects come in on time and within budget3. While the cloud can result in significant reductions in the total cost of ownership once adopted, it must be executed correctly and cost-efficiently to feel the full effect of those benefits. Managing the costs associated with a cloud migration solution can be challenging, and leveraging an MSP’s expertise can help manage the process smoothly and within established budgets. In addition to expertly managing client budgets, an experienced MSP saves customers valuable time when migrating to the cloud, which also impacts an organization’s bottom line.

Ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations

HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR are just a few of the strict regulatory standards cloud users may have to accommodate when migrating to the cloud. If a knowledgeable, in-house team isn’t available, companies can waste valuable dollars and internal hours trying to learn how to comply with the necessary regulations. An MSP gives companies peace-of-mind that their data is being migrated and managed securely and compliantly.
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