Application Modernization

Instead of moving to an entirely new platform, you may be able to upgrade your company's existing software to meet your objectives. Application modernization helps businesses transform — or "modernize" — their legacy platform's infrastructure, features and architecture to take advantage of the latest functionalities. This process is typically used for monolithic on-premise applications to bring them into the cloud.

Remodeling your software solutions offers many advantages, including:

  • Improved user engagement: Updated applications provide a better user experience, leading to higher productivity and satisfaction.
  • Faster operation: New systems work quicker, allowing for prompt responses and updates.
  • Scalability: Whereas legacy software has limits, upgraded solutions will grow with your company and can take on new features as they roll out.
  • Global integration: Modernized applications provide a seamless experience for teams to work together no matter where they are.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Cloud solutions have more manageable expenses than legacy systems.
  • More revenue streams: Updated systems allow for new services and processes that can be new ways for your business to satisfy customers and increase profits.

Our Application Management
Professional Services

The process of modernizing your applications will involve several approaches to achieve your desired results. Velocity offers many services for application modernization, including:


  • Re-engineering: Develop your software's code and design to improve its maintainability.
  • Recoding: Change your application's code from outdated languages and platforms to new technologies to integrate new features.
  • Interoperability: Applications can access, exchange and integrate data.
  • Re-hosting: Preserve existing infrastructure from your legacy system by moving it to newer architecture.
  • Replacement and retirement: Remove your old system to replace it with a modern alternative.
  • Re-architecting: Change the architecture of your applications by breaking them down into microservices, making the setup as cloud-native as possible.
  • Re-platforming: Move your applications to newer, more cost-effective platforms through code modifications and upgrades.

When you partner with us for our professional application modernization solutions, we will help you identify your goals and choose the best methods to get there, whether you use one service or many.

Velocity's Application Modernization Strategy

Application modernization hinges on the strategy used. With a decade of experience and hundreds of success stories, Velocity has established a proven process for our professional application modernization solutions:

  • Application assessment: We will review your existing software with you to identify which applications should be modernized based on potential value and lowest risk and cost.
  • Microservices: Our team will break the various aspects of the monolith down into individual components — or microservices — that can be scaled and managed separately.
  • Cloud migration: We will move your applications to the cloud through re-platforming and re-hosting while restructuring to gain the cloud's advantages.

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Velocity is your expert partner in application updating. Between our depth of experience and many certifications, we're prepared to bring your outdated software into the modern era. Are you ready to upgrade your legacy platform? Request a consultation with our application modernization experts today to get started.

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