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The technology landscape is more complex than ever

Creating, building and deploying an application is only the first step – application management is the long-term, resource-intensive function of managing and optimizing applications over time. Application management includes several different functions, including compliance, strategy, technology and security.

Improve application performance and focus on strategic objectives rather than application maintenance, by outsourcing application managed services to a trusted partner.

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Benefits of application managed services include:

A partner in application managed services provides your organization with a team of experienced, qualified, trained experts in technology, giving you the opportunity to improve:

- Cost control

- Efficiency

- Security

- Focus on core competencies

Gain a competitive advantage and reduce the administrative burden of long-term application optimization and management, allowing your team to focus on the core business and strategic objectives that matter.Velocity AMS Benefits

Smooth, straightforward scalability as you grow

Application managed services are structured to be scalable, providing the support that your organization needs as it grows, both in size and in complexity. Manage and optimize applications with ease, without the need to add to IT staff for application management.

Best practices and the latest updates, effortlessly

An application managed services provider is responsible for ensuring that your applications are maintained and optimized, in accordance with industry best practices. Updates, upgrades and security patches will be completed with no additional investment of time or resources required.

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