For over 15 years, Velocity Technology Solutions has been a leader in global managed application and cloud services with a vision to eliminate the complexity and expense associated with monolithic software deployments and cloud migration. 

In early 2021, Velocity Technology Solutions was acquired by Navisite, a modern managed cloud service provider committed to accelerating IT transformation for thousands of growing and established global brands. With this acquisition, Navisite enhances its position as a leader of managed cloud and enterprise resource planning services for mid-market and enterprise customers.

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Our History

In 2003, Velocity Technology Solutions emerged in the enterprise software industry. We had one goal in mind — to make monolithic software deployments work for the benefit of business productivity and success. 

In addition to consulting services, Velocity added managed services. With the managed services that we still offer today, we make things easier for IT staff by overseeing administrative tasks, so you can focus on running the high-level aspects of your business.

In 2021, Velocity Technology Solutions was acquired by Navisite, a modern managed cloud service provider. 

Cloud Managed Services

As a managed cloud service provider, Velocity makes your cloud services flexible, scalable and reliable, delivering everything you need in the cloud. Cloud management is vital to your business, and we can do it for you, relying on over 15 years of experience managing a broad portfolio of enterprise applications.

Cloud Migration Services

Before you can start reaping all of the benefits a cloud service provider can offer, you must first transfer your company data into the cloud. We believe that migration should be short and sweet while ensuring the security of your data and setting your business up for a valuable partnership. Keep constraints, delays and costs low by relying on Velocity's cloud migration expertise. Schedule a consultation today to discuss cloud management and migration services with one of our cloud services experts! 

Through strategic partnerships and acquisitions, Velocity's customer base grew to include clients from industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, engineering and construction and a variety of other fields. Clients from these industries need solutions that comply with exact requirements, manage finances, oversee the supply chain and more  and Velocity has a solution for them all.

Partnerships and Expertise

The expansion and growth that Velocity has gone through to become a cloud managed service provider was made possible by strategic and beneficial partnerships with other industry leaders. These alliances have allowed us to gain more knowledge and expertise in various platforms, so we can better serve your business strategy.

Here are some of Velocity's most significant partnerships and certifications:

  • Oracle platinum partner
  • Oracle platinum partner cloud standard
  • SAP application management services (AMS) certified
  • SAP hosting certified
  • SAP cloud services certified
  • SAP HANA operations certified
  • Infor alliance partner
  • Qlik partner
  • Amazon Web Services partner network

These certifications and partnerships have also paved the way for Velocity to gain other credentials for well-known enterprise applications. Velocity's competencies and credentials include:

  • Public sector partner
  • Premier Consulting Partner in AWS Partner Network (APN)
  • AWS Oracle competency
  • AWS SAP competency
  • "Well-Architected" reviewed solutions
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Windows service delivery programs
  • AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) program

Velocity has years of expertise in cloud services, enterprise applications and platforms. Let us manage your cloud journey and help your business grow.

Cloud Platforms

From migration to implementation, Velocity will help at every step. Start using the cloud with one of Velocity's applications. We provide these services on the following cloud platforms

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Using the AWS cloud, Velocity will help you migrate, manage and modernize its applications while following your industry-specific regulations. By automating most of the basic processes, we can help you focus on the other aspects of your business.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI): Velocity's end-to-end solutions will handle every step, from migration to management. You can use a custom configuration of Oracle applications and oversee your business operations from an easy-to-use platform.
  • Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform (VCAMP): Our platform is designed to oversee multiple applications across multiple clouds. This management style gives you automatic configuration and optimized solutions.